meet the strategy team

Jack Barton


I am a private individual who invented Perfect Dose due to the frustration of trying to measure correct doses of Celexa for my Autistic son, Ross. I have been retired since I was 53 from a career in finance with Merrill Lynch, an owner of a small retail chain of computer stores that grossed just under $9,000,000 per year and when I retired I was Director Of Business Development for a software company. I have a degree in Industrial Management from Cal Poly University in Pomona California. I am now 68 years old and have been married for 18 years to my wife Elizabeth Hoppe. Elizabeth is the founding Dean of a college of Optometry and holds an OD (Doctor of Optometry), MPH from Yale and received her DrPh from the University of Michigan. Our home is filled with lots of children including Molly and Kirby our two Toy Poodles, Buddy, Sissy and Lucky our three cats, two chickens out in the coop and Dusty a rescued Desert Tortoise. All our children are rescues except Kirby and my real son Ross.