The Problem we solve:

Every eight minutes in the United States a child is administered an incorrect dose of liquid medication. Each year more than 10,000 calls are made by frightened caregivers to poison control centers due to improperly administering a dose of a liquid medication to a child.

Every year there are more than 63,000 children admitted to ER due to incorrect administration of a medication.

Studies have shown that caregivers still use teaspoons to give children liquid medications even though it has been shown that a household teaspoon can be anywhere from .7 to 1.5 teaspoons. This problem is so bad that in May of 2011 the FDA issued a guidance to industry to do something. Basically nothing was done.

Our Solution

To solve this problem I invented Perfect Dose. It takes a whole different direction in measuring and delivering doses of liquid medications. Namely, it is secured on top of the medication bottle and only allows the correct dose to be delivered. Unlike cups and syringes it does not have an unreadable gradient that depends upon the caregiver to measure the dose. If the correct dose is two teaspoons then that is exactly what is delivered.

Why We Care

I was angry for almost two years trying to measure a correct dose of liquid Celexa to my Autistic son. It was always a mess and I constantly had to remeasure. I would insert the syringe into the bottle and then try as best I could to suck up the correct dose. Frequently, I had to either suck up more or squirt some back into the bottle. I tried using a medicine cup but the readings on the cup are almost impossible to read. I would hold the cup up so I could see the markings and try as best I could to pour the correct dose. One day while on my daily exercise walk I was so angry I said to myself “I can solve this problem” and I put together the first version of Perfect Dose in my head and when I came home I sketched it out. The next day I realized that I had a flaw and I took it apart in my head and added a new device to prevent a potential problem. I sketched this out and had an attorney due a search and found out my idea was patentable and I moved forward on getting the device patented.

How Perfect Dose Works:

Perfect Dose is a convenient, efficient and safe way of administering an appropriate dose of liquid medication on each use. The device is comprised of a threaded, attached cap with an internal chamber for storing the correct dose of medication. The cap is connected to the top of a medicine bottle, and it features a child-proof turning knob to dispense the medication into the empty holding area once the medicine bottle is turned upside down. The knob extends to the other side of the device and prevents accidental discharge of the medicine while the knob is in the open position. Once the chamber is filled with medicine and the knob is turned back to the closed position, a lever is pushed and the contents can be safely discharged into an outside source such as a medicine cup.

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